About FantasTix Travel

Fantastix Travel was born out of the founder Andy’s love for travelling and more than a decade of experience working at Tourist Attractions and Tourism companies.

Prior to travelling overseas, he had to spend hours scouring the internet for tips on top places to visit and things to do. Conflicting and outdated information made it harder to decide which source to follow. He wished for an easier and less time-consuming way to plan for holidays.

While working at various Tourist Attractions, he has witnessed many guests who had purchased supposedly cheap attraction tickets only to be told there were already used or invalid onsite. Frustrations and helplessness turned the holidays sour after knowing they have been cheated by scammers online.

With extensive network around the Asia region, Fantastix Travel guarantees every ticket is sourced from authorized wholesalers and product owners directly, eliminating the risk of fraudulent tickets while at the most competitive rates.

Fantastix Travel aims to be your one-stop shop for in-destination travel ideas, trip planning and purchase.