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8 Things You Should Pack In Your Carry-On Bag For Travelling

Holidays are fun and everyone tend to relax before the trip. However, it is imporant to ensure you have packed essential items for the much awaited trip. Plan ahead by strategically packing these 8 items in your carry-on luggage for worry-free travels.

#1 Handphone Charger & Powerbanks

We rely on our mobile phones for information, directions and payment nowadays. With most airplanes having USB ports available to every seat, it pays to juice up your device before you land into the destination.

Powerbanks cannot be checked in and therefore have to be kept in your carry-on bags. However, there are certain restrictions imposed on having powerbanks no more than 100Wh.

#2 Valuables

This seems like an redunant suggestion, yet so many passengers have left expensive items in their checked-in luggages, discovered they were lost or stolen and go through the trouble of making police reports & insurance claims. If the item is important to you, do keep it with you at all times.

#3 Medications

No medicine beats the one which you are most familiar with. Besides, you wouldn’t want to be dragging your feet on the streets looking for the nearest pharmacy when you’re under the weather. Bring along all your essential and daily medication and have a peace of mind when travelling.

#4 Fresh set of clothes & underwear

No matter how unlikely, it may just happen when you least expect it – Lost / Delayed Baggage.

Having a set of clothes suitable for the location and climate would be handy. It’s bad enough if you are already having a bad start to your holidays. Surely, you don’t want to stink as well?

#5 Your Favourite Snack

Sometimes, the meal or snack given by the flight attendant might be less than satisfying and you’re still feeling peckish. You would thank yourself for packing the snack. As long it is wrapped and non-liquid, this should clear security at airports.

#6 Water Bottle

The water given out on flight is insufficient to keep yourself hydrated throughout the flight and it could be hard to grab the attention of the busy flight attendants. Bring along your own water bottle and fill up after you have passed immigration so that you can stay hydrated throughout the flight.

#7 Documents required for the trip

It pays to be safe, especially when you’re on a trip to somewhere new. Print out important documents such as your visa, itineraries and booking confirmations. While technology has advanced, there’s nothing you can do if you drop your phone in a taxi or public transport. Have a folder to keep all the attractions and activities admission tickets as well.

#8 Basic toiletries (Amenity Kit)

You don’t want to turn up at a destination looking second best. Especially after a long flight, washing up is the best way to get yourself refreshed and tackle the city once you land. Just prepare some basic toiletries in travel size to save space and weight.

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